How We Got Good Apples 🍎

Henry Belcaster
Henry Belcaster
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Morning Red Delicious!

No chance that’s getting eaten 👆.

Red Delicious apples are the worst apples.

They’re soft and bland and usually look like this:

But, hang on!

This was a huge problem.

60 years ago if you went to the store, this is what you’d see:

There were literally 2 types of apples.

Granny Smiths.

Red Delicious.

Now these apples had an awesome quality for storeowners – a tough skin that was good for shipping.

And 0 redeeming qualities for eaters:

So how did we get truly delicious apples like Honeycrisp and Gala and Pink Ladies?

Well we’ve got one guy to thank – David Bedford:

See, David had a genius idea:

That’s it?


Well that thought got him to start his quest to destroy the Red Delicious apple.

So he becomes an apple breeder:

He’d spend his days taking bites out of 600 different apple types to study their qualities.

Poor guy.

This goes on until he picks an apple from his tree numbered 1711:

He had found a truly delicious apple – the Honeycrisp!

Stores didn’t want it at first because it was more expensive to grow.

But once consumers found out that apples didn’t have to taste like butt, they forced stores to sell it. #freemarketeconomy.

Today, Honeycrisp is America’s most popular apple!

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