Why Do Beans Make You Fart? 🫘

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Morning Windbags!


Has this ever happened to you?

What is it about beans that make you so damn gassy?

Well, it's all to do with what happens in your gut.

Take a look at Durd here:

He's just eaten one of these, a chili burrito with a side of bean salad.

So, basically, he's all beaned up.

Now let's look at what happens:

Enzymes in the stomach start to break down the beans.

But the thing is, beans have these 2 types of sugars called:

Now, your stomach enzymes really struggle to break these guys down.

Basically, because they’re big complex molecules, they are much tougher.

So they end up flowing out of your stomach and making their way into your intestines completely intact.

Luckily there are bacteria found here that can actually break down these guys.

In fact, trillions of them.

A whole biome of creatures that live in your gut.

So these guys try to break down the soluble fibers and oligosaccharides.

And through some chemical magic, it does break them down.

But in the process, this releases a whole bunch of different gasses and chemicals.



Carbon Dioxide,

Butyric Acid,


And finally… Hydrogen Sulfide (aka rotten egg gas) (aka the stinky one).

These gases and chemicals form together, creating little bubbles that flow through your gut.

And then finally… out your butt!

Stay Cute,
Reece, Henry & Dylan 🌈

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