The Blobfish – World's Ugliest Animal 🐡

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Meet the blobfish.

Quite an ugly fellow.

Certainly not winning any beauty contests.

In fact, this fish is so ugly it has officially been named the world’s ugliest animal.

Not the world's ugliest fish, the world's ugliest ANIMAL.

I mean, he might not be the cutest, but the blobfish’s weird, blobby body actually helps it to survive its super harsh ocean environment.

See, the blobfish lives off the coast of the already pretty dangerous Australia:

But they don’t live near the surface, no no.

They live wayyyyyyyy down here:

Where It's completely pitch-black, because sunlight can’t reach this far down.

The temperature down here is a mere few degrees above freezing.

And the pressure is IMMENSE.

Which is why very few animals live down here.

You might be asking, what do you mean by pressure?

Well, if you're at the bottom of the ocean.

The weight of all the water above you presses down on you super hard.

Meaning you get squished super hard.

So how does the blobfish survive this intense pressure?

Well, it's actually because of its “blobbiness”.

See the blobfish has a gooey, squishy body that can handle the squishing from all those many many millions of tons of water.

In fact, it has almost no muscle, and just a couple bones.

But how do they do anything without muscles?

Well, their “blobbiness” actually makes them buoyant. So they just float about swallowing any food that happens to pass by.


But here's the thing…

The blobfish isn't actually ugly.

On the ocean floor, the blobfish actually looks like this:

It's only when we bring it up to the surface that it gets all bloated and ugly.

This is because of the massive pressure change.

The blobfish is made for life at the bottom of the ocean so, when we fish it up, and it's brought to the surface, it looks blobbier than usual.

So, I will not accept any more blobfish slander!

If you want to name the ugliest animal in the world, give it to this guy:

The naked mole rat.


Stay Cute,
Reece, Henry & Dylan 🌈

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