The Invention of Cell Phones 📱

Henry Belcaster
Henry Belcaster
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Morning Motorola!

Holy brick!

That’s the world’s first cell phone.

Here it is to scale with an iPhone 15:

But, how were cell phones invented?

So, 1900.

This dude Reginald Fesseden is the first guy to transmit the human voice through radio waves:


So this new radio-wave-voice-thing gave this Swedish dude, Lars Magnus Ericsson, an idea.

Ya, but what’s your idea?

So that’s what he did!

Lars had invented the car phone: a status symbol for the wealthy.

But, this car phone had a glaring problem.

It was….attached to the car.

They were only mobile when you were driving.

So this guy at Motorola – Martin Cooper – starts working to unchain car phones from cars:

That’s more or less what his team did.

And in 1973, they came up with the world’s first cell phone:

That’s inventor Martin with his Motorola DynaTAC 8000X.

It comes in at:

  • 10 inches tall
  • 2.5lbs
  • 35 minutes of talk time
  • $3,995 (Over $10,000 today)

Thanks Martin <3

Stay Cute,
Henry & Dylan 🌈

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