WTF Was the Cuban Missile Crisis? ☢️

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Morning Castro!

Dude, relax.


Who is that?

Woah woah woah, back up.

It’s 1962.

We’re in the heat of the Cold War – a big dick contest between the US and The Soviet Union each knowing they have a large enough nuclear arsenal to blow the other to smithereens.

And, uh…they probably would nuke the entire world in the process.

It all starts when this dude Fidel Castro comes into power in Cuba:

He’s bringing ~Communism~ to the country.

Now, the US doesn’t like this at all.

Because woo woo Communism threatens power and order in the Western world.

So the US tries to overthrow Castro:

Okay it wasn’t really like that lol

No communism forcefield cheat codes.

But the US did try to invade.

And they failed miserably.

So then Cuba calls up their communist pal Nikita Khrushchev – leader of the USSR:

Khrushchev secretly deploys nuclear missiles to Cuba.

Which creates a tiny problem…

Zoom out.



So US President, JFK, nearly shits his pants:

So that’s what they do, but…

This was the most intense 6 days of the Cold War.

The Cuban Missile Crisis.

Basically, who would hit the red nuclear button first and destroy the entire world?

But never fear!

Because finally JFK’s little bro, Robert Kennedy strikes a deal with The Soviet Union:

  • The Soviets must withdraw from Cuba
  • The US would remove their nukes from Turkey and Italy
  • And agree to never invade Cuba

And the US, Russia, and Cuba lived happily ever after :)

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