Wtf is DNA? 🧬

Henry Belcaster
Henry Belcaster
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You get OUT of that bottle, Durd.

I got a wish.

Ya. A wish.

To unravel the mysteries of the human genome and understand the genetic basis of health, disease, and evolution.


No takesies backsies!


Well, with a curious mind and the internet, we can always grant our own wishes <3

So wtf is DNA??

Basically, DNA is what makes you, you!

Or…in Durd’s case, blue with a 2-sided head.

Okay, so you’re made up of 30 TRILLION cells you can’t see.

If those cells were stacked pennies, they’d reach the moon.

Then go 1,000 times further…

That’s why we don’t do big numbers.

But each of those 30 trillion cells has a job to do.

And all together these cells make up your body!

But that leads us to a pretty straightforward problem:

How does each cell know wtf it’s supposed to do?!

Well, let’s go inside the cell.



Here – in the wild – we see an amino acid. The building block of life.

It’s just floating around in cytoplasm – cell juice.

And its job is to get linked with other amino acids to create proteins.

Then proteins get folded up in a fancy way to make cells, tissues, and organs.

But…who does the linking and folding of proteins??

Ah, the architect herself! DNA!

She lives in the nucleus of a cell and has all these letters that have the genetic code for your life.

Based on that code, she starts sticking amino acids together to build proteins.

Those proteins form your unique cells.

And you become…you!

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