🌮 Doritos Were Disneyland Trash

Henry Belcaster
Henry Belcaster
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Morning cheesy gordita ​​🇲🇽,

It’s Taco Tuesday.

And you’re headed down to the local Los Pollos Hermanos.

You take a seat and Juan hands you this:


A delicious treat to fatten you up.

I bet you’re wondering: Okay, but how did this humble tortilla chip infiltrate the United States of Gringos in the first place?

Great question!

It turns out it has to do with the original Dorito.

Which was…um…Disneyland trash.

But hold that thought for a minute.

This is Charles Doolin:

He’s the gringo that runs The Frito Company – sellers of Fritos chips.

And the reason he’s at DisneyLand is not to put on Minnie Mouse ears and enjoy a day at the happiest place on Earth…

No, it’s because he wants to take a meeting with Mr. Walt Disney himself. He has an idea.

See, look:

So Charles opens up a Fritos Mexican restaurant inside of DisneyLand. Casa De Fritos – Authentic Mexican Food.

Hmmmm looks real authentic.

Anyway, the restaurants actually doing great.

Just look at those smiles:

What isn’t going so great is the fact that this place is still run by gringos in Disneyland.

Just look at the dumpster at this place:

Ya, I know!

A dumpster full of perfectly good tortillas. The restaurant just didn’t know what to do with the extras, so they threw them out.

So Casa De Fritos starts taking all their thrown out tortillas, cutting them into triangles, and frying them up into tortilla chips.

They use their own unique blend of seasoning and start serving them to customers.

Low and behold, the customers LOVE THEM.

Oh and I forgot to tell you: at this point, the Frito Company merged with H.W. Lay to become Frito-Lay.

This is their chip lineup:

Okay and the new Frito-Lay has this marketing dude on their team, Arch West.

And Arch West comes romping his way into Casa De Fritos looking for the new tortilla chip product he had been hearing about at corporate.

He takes one sniff of the tortilla chips:

A hush falls over the room..

Then a bite..

What do you wanna call it, Arch?

Okay, oddly specific…

Oh, that actually makes sense. Nice.

And any problem with this little piece of gold?



That checks out. Because outside of the Southwest in the 1960s, nobody ate tortilla chips with salsa or guac.

Just look:

Green = tortilla chip eaters.

Red = no tortilla chip eaters.

So Arch West has this brilliant idea to just season these new Doritos like a taco.

Cause whiteys at least know what a taco is.

So Frito-Lay rolls out these bad boys:

What would become the biggest tortilla chip IN THE WORLD.

And look at you! You learned that Doritos were invented from Disneyland trash and they’re kind of the reason you get a basket of complimentary tortilla chips at Los Pollos Hermanos in..ya know…Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I’m so proud of you 🥹

Stay Cute,
Henry & Dylan 🌈

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