WTF is Fog? ☁️

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Morning fog!

Have you ever looked outside and seen this?

Kinda looks like a cloud just decided to chill on the ground or something.

Also, whenever you walk through this stuff:

You get a tiny bit wet.

But what actually is fog?

Well, fog kinda looks like a cloud chilling on the ground because… it is.

Clouds and fog are made of the same stuff.

Bazillion's of tiny water droplets.

See, there is always some water in the air, just not in liquid form.

Usually as a gas, what we call water vapor.

But when there’s too much water in the air, it pulls together really close to become a bunch of water droplets.

This is what happens up in the sky to form a cloud.

But, every now and then, this also happens on the ground too.

This is what we call… fog.

Ok, we know what it is now.

But why does it form?

Well, for fog to form, a couple of things have to happen…

  1. There needs to be a ton of water on the ground from somewhere, like a rainstorm or something.
  1. All this rain has to result in a ton of water vapor in the air.
  1. These water particles in the air then have to get cold, really, really quickly. This can happen overnight, when it gets cold, forming the most common type of fog called radiation fog.

You can actually see this inside your home.

If you have a glass of cold water, pretty soon the outside of the glass will be covered in little water droplets like this:

But that water doesn’t come from inside the glass… It comes from the air.

The cold glass makes the water vapor around it collect to form little blobs that cling to the side of the glass.

And this is basically what happens with fog.

Except the little droplets don't cling to the side of a glass, they just float about in the air.

Aka a ground cloud!

Stay Cute,
Reece, Henry & Dylan 🌈

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