How to Solve Global Warming (Easy) 🌎

Dylan Jardon
Dylan Jardon
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Hey Hippie!

You remember this movie?

An Inconvenient Truth.

We learn the dangers of global warming from Al Gore.

His arguments go like this:


Technically, he showed this animation.

But…same idea.

Basically, global warming is killing polar bears…and our planet.

(Actually, polar bears aren’t dying – their population is at record highs. But global warming still sucks.)

So what’s the solution?


  1. Backup Earth – NOPE. Elon’s close with Mars, but not ready yet.
  2. Renewable energy – NOPE. Too expensive. And unfair to poor countries who didn’t get our coal shortcut.
  3. Cloud boats – WTF?

What’s a cloud boat?

Lemme explain.

Global warming is caused by carbon dioxide.

Here’s a NASA graph of it over time:

Not good.



  1. Sunlight hits Earth
  2. Earth heats up
  3. Carbon dioxide traps the heat

~Global warming~

But what if…we reflected the sunlight?

Hint: Nature already does this…CLOUDS.

Basically, giant soggy mirrors.

Now where are there no clouds?


Which is 70% of the planet.

So what if we made clouds over the ocean?

It’s surprisingly simple.

We need 3 ingredients:

  1. Rising air
  2. Water vapor
  3. Tiny things for the water vapor to stick to

Normally those tiny things are dust from land. But the ocean is water – hence no clouds.

But what does the ocean have?


If you spray saltwater ~10 feet into the air, it naturally carries upward, and water vapor sticks to the salt particles.

So for only a few billion bucks, we could have a fleet of robot boats churning clouds into the air.

Global warming solved.

Crush Ass,
Dylan & Henry 🌈

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