Why Are Hexagons So Common In Nature? ⬡

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Morning Sixer!

Patterns and geometry are everywhere in nature.

You got 5 sided flowers, geometric spirals, fractals and more.

But nature seems to have a thing for hexagons!

Insect eyes.

Rock formations.



Hexagons are everywhere!

But is there a reason for this?

Why are hexagons so common in nature?

Well, this can all be explained… using bubbles.

Ye, really.

So, what are bubbles exactly?

In essence, a bubble is just a blob of gas, surrounded by a liquid.

But they all seem to have the same shape, a sphere.

So, why are bubbles spherical?

Well, the liquid molecules on the surface of a bubble are attracted to each other.

So they pull towards one another.

Which makes the edge smaller and smaller…

Pulling it into a round blob like shape.

AKA a sphere!

Now let's see what happens when we pack these bubbles together.

Here's one bubble.

Now here's what happens if you add another.

See how it creates a little flat boundary between them?

Now let's add a 3rd bubble.

Now you’ve got a 3 way split with angles of 120 degrees.

But when we add a 4th, it always arranges itself around that 120 degree angle.

And you can clearly see that if we are to continue with this.

It creates a hexagon!

See nature is all about efficiency.

It's all about fitting more inside with fewer edges.

And hexagons are simply the best for the job.

Not only are they pretty circular, meaning you can fit more inside with the least amount of edges.

But they are also one of the few shapes that tile together, creating infinite planes.

And they are also mathematically the strongest shape in terms of mechanical stability.

Take a square, for example.

Not super strong.

Now let's try hexagons…

See… indestructible.

Those 120 degree angles have been proven to evenly distribute force so well it makes them the go-to angle for strong rigid structures.

No wonder nature loves them!

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