A Quick History of Dogs 🐕

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Morning Mutts!

Here is a quick history of man's best friend…

Let's get into it.

Okay, so it's 100,000 years ago.

On the continent of Eurasia:

Humans were running around stabbing stuff with spears for food.

They were basically unstoppable.

But they did have one main rival… the animal at the top of the food chain.

The gray wolf.

With jaws that can exert over 300 lbs of pressure (enough to crush bones).

And the ability to sniff out prey more than a mile away.

These dogs were the TOP dogs.

Much like humans of the time, they lived and hunted in little groups.

Cooperating together to chase, exhaust and take down larger creatures.

But when these dogs found themselves pitted against these weird smart monkeys, they had a bit of an issue.

See, for many wolves, humans were just another animal to kill.

But for some less aggressive wolves, possibly ones without packs, human camps could be a way to get some free food.

Aaaand, now they are best friends.

So, now, as these more docile wolves outlasted the aggressive wolf cousins cause they had free food, their friendly traits were passed on.

Over time breeding tamer and tamer wolves…

This is when humans began finding that these wolves weren't just cute fluffy things, they could actually help track down and hunt prey.

Thanks to their similar family structure, and ability to learn and understand commands.

These types of tamer wolf-dogs appeared about 33,000 years ago, and would have looked pretty similar to the wild wolves.

But as humans progressed, we began breeding dogs for specific purposes.

  • Short stocky dogs to herd livestock.
  • Elongated dogs to get in burrows and catch badgers and foxes.
  • Thin, sleek dogs for running fast.
  • And large muscular dogs for guarding stuff.

Creating literally thousands of different breeds.

But eventually, we began breeding dogs not for useful characteristics, but specifically for looks.

Like smaller legs, more fluffiness, shorter snouts, anything really.

And every single one of them, whether they be a tiny chihuahua, a Tibetan mastiff, a pug, or a labrador, every dog breed stems from one single species.

The Gray Wolf.

Stay Cute,
Reece, Henry & Dylan 🌈

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