How to Become King or Queen of England

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Morning Monarchs!

Originally, the king or queen was basically just whoever had the biggest army.

And if said king or queen dies…

The crown is given to their heir.

Pretty simple.

But in 1701, the British parliament decided to change things up a bit…

Making it so you had to follow a couple rules, if you wanted to become king or queen.

So, here are those rules:

Rule Number 1: Don’t be a Catholic

Basically, if you’re Catholic, you’re not allowed to be king or queen.


The British Monarch isn't just the head of the country, they are also the head of the church.

And not the catholic church, the (protestant) church of England.

Oh, and you can’t just convert from Catholicism to the Church of England.

Nor can you convert from Catholicism to something else, then to the Church of England.

Clever, but it won’t work.

They REALLY don't like catholics.

Rule Number 2: Don’t be a Bastard

Now, I'm not just throwing insults around.

I’m talking about the proper meaning of bastard (A child born out of wedlock).

Basically, it's another religion thing again.

If you're not married, your children cannot be crowned… sorry.

Rule Number 3: Spouses aren't Monarchs

People like to think that kings and queens rule together as a married couple.

This is wrong.

See, the spouse of the true monarch isn't called a king or a queen they are called king consort or queen consort.

Consort basically meaning “mate of the true monarch”

They can be called other things like prince or queen.

But in reality, they are irrelevant to the line of succession.

Rule Number 4: Males come first

It's very simple, actually.

If the Monarch dies or abdicates.

The crown goes to the eldest male heir (that isn't a bastard, or a catholic).

Doesn’t matter if there's an older sister, the oldest MALE heir will always get the crown.

Ok, but if this is the rule, then how do queens happen?

Well, simply put, daughters are the very last choice.

For example, If you had a king with 2 daughters and no sons.

Then the crown will be passed to the eldest girl.

(this is why there have been so few queens)

This rule was actually changed recently, however.

So now, both male and female children of the monarch are treated the exact same.

Basically, whoever gets out of mummy's tummy first… gets the crown.

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