How Did the Mona Lisa Become So Famous? 🎨

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Morning Mona!


Well…if I’m being honest??

The Mona Lisa is kinda beat.

I mean like she’s ~okay~

But if she’s just ~okay~, how’d she become so famous?

It was 1503.

Leonard Mothaf*ckin DaVinci gets a call:

So Leonardo gets to work.

Little problem though…

Leonardo has a stroke and dies.

So his portrait of Lisa del Giocondo remains unfinished.

But then this dude, King Francois the 1st of France rolls up:

He didn’t give a f*ck that she was unfinished.

And takes her for his personal, royal collection.


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So here’s where things start changing for the meh (in my opinion) Mona.

See, because she was now in a ~royal~ collection, critics start going NUTS over her beauty:

Okay, relax.

This critic horniness causes the Mona Lisa to become more sought after.

So she’s passed from royalty to royalty.

Then the French Revolution overthrows the French monarchy, and the Mona Lisa is confiscated and put in France’s premiere art museum – The Louvre.

She’s owned by the French people now:

Woah woah woah hang on.

That’s modern day.

At the time, literally nobody knows who she is. She’s not a household name.

Until this dude – Vincenzo Peruggia – shows up:

Ya, in 1911, Vincenzo takes the Mona right off the damn wall and leaves the museum with her.

He places her in his suitcase with a false bottom and starts making his way to Italy.

The news goes crazy.

Everybody starts talking about the stolen Mona Lisa.

People keep going to the Louvre to see where she USED to hang:

‘The Louvre has reopened its doors, but the Mona Lisa has not returned.’


At this point, this worldwide flurry of news makes the Mona Lisa a household name.

She’s insanely famous…but she’s missing.

Because all the while, fricken Vincenzo thinks he’s doing a good deed by bringing the Mona Lisa back to her motherland, Italy:

2 years go by.

The missing Mona gets more famous by the day.

Until Vincenzo shows up at an art dealer in Italy and tries to sell her.

Yaaa, everyone kinda knew who she was at that point, Vincenzo.

So she was returned to the Louvre and remains there to this day!

Stay Cute,
Henry & Dylan 🌈

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