How Does Your Nose Work? 👃

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Morning Nosy!

So, you wanna know how noses work…

Let's look at Durd’s schnozz to find out.

So, when you suck in air through your nose, it begins to enter this little area called the nasal cavity.

But the thing is, your nose is full of little hairs and snot.

So, when you suck in air through your nose, unwanted particles like dust, germs and pathogens get trapped by the hairs and snot.

This is actually a defense mechanism, meant to protect your lungs from harmful particles.

The catch?

You get a bunch of gunk in your nose, which eventually dries out and forms boogers!

Durd… come on man.

Ughhh… gross.

Alright, but what about smelling stuff? How does the nose do that?

Well, when air flows into your nasal cavity (just like when you breathe).

It brushes past these weird little brain tentacles called the olfactory epithelium.

AKA the smelling part of your nose.

This has a bunch of special receptors that send thousands of little nerve signals to this little thing called the glomeruli inside the olfactory bulb.

This thing decodes the thousands of smelly signals kinda like the notes in a song and works out exactly what smell you're actually smelling!

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Reece, Henry & Dylan 🌈

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