Oreo Is a Knockoff 🍪

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Morning OREO!

I don’t want to, uh..

…destroy your life or anything.


OREOs – the cream filled cookie?

Ya they’re a knockoff of the original.

Swear to God.

It was 1895.

These brothers – Joseph and Jacob Loose – are running their own bakery.

Joseph loves their single bakery.

Jacob wants lots more.

So Jacob bands together 35 American bakers to create the American Biscuit & Manufacturing Company:

Sick branding btw:

Little problem with this new conglomerate, though:

So Joseph merges their American Biscuit Company with 2 more competitors and creates the National Biscuit Company (aka Nabisco) – the largest bakery company in America:

Clearly these 2 brothers couldn’t agree on anything.

So Jacob Loose leaves Nabisco and starts his own biscuit company: Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company.

And every new biscuit company needs a cookie!

So Jacob invents ~Hydrox~, a cream-filled chocolate cookie sandwich:

The cookie was a MASSIVE success.

Just look at these sick ads:

But 4 years later, smelling Jacob’s success, Joseph and Nabisco create a Hydrox copycat: The OREO – a cream-filled chocolate cookie sandwich…

And check out how the Hydrox ads start changing lol

Don’t be fooled by LOOK-ALIKES!’

‘No wonder – it’s the ORIGINAL cream-filled chocolate cookie’

And you’ve got OREO fighting for their life:

But hardly anybody switched over to OREOs.

The public was used to Hydrox and didn’t trust this new OREO copycat.

But then cleaning products started naming their cleaning stuff Hydrox too:

Distilled battery water lol.

So that was kind of a death sentence for Hydrox cookies.

And today, OREO sells 60 billion cookies per year.

Stay Cute,
Henry & Dylan 🌈

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