Why Do Paper Cuts Hurt So Much?

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Hey paper salesman,

Let’s set the scene.

You’re home alone. Bath drawn. Candles lit. Body sopping.

And in your hands is your favorite totally educational book…

It’s a real page turner, huh?

You like that?

You want more?



You got a paper cut.

But why’s that teeny weeny paper cut hurt so damn bad?

Well, lemme explain…

First, let’s look at the human body.

Here’s what our body looks like:

But here’s what our body ~feels~ like:

Horny golem?

No, that’s Sensory Homunculus.

He’s basically us if our body parts showed how sensitive they are – aka how many nerves.

Now take a look down.

Not there!

Behind you.

Yes, the hands…THEY’RE HUGE.

That’s because they’re chock full of nerves to help us sense:





So your lil paper cut actually feels like this:

But the problem only gets worse.

Just look at the paper.




It’s a saw!

See, paper is jagged – so it rips, tears, and shreds, your hand to bits.

But don’t worry….your body will come to the rescue, right?


See, a paper cut is so shallow it doesn’t draw blood.

No blood = no clots = no scabs

So you’re f*cked.

Your cut is left exposed to the dangerous world.

Then, whenever it tries to close, you use your hands and it opens right back up.

So what’s the solution?

Suck it up.

P.S. Actually just put ointment and band-aid on it.

Stay Cute,
Dylan & Henry 🌈

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