The Invention of Potato Chips 🥔

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Morning potato people!

You know… potato chips?

The delicious, crunchy and not-so-healthy snacks?

Where did they come from???

No, I mean, where did potato chips come from originally?

The year is 1853 and there was this black chef guy called George Crum.

He worked in this fancy resort called Moon’s Lake House in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Now, for context, this was a super fancy establishment catering mainly to rich people.

Likely, including some famous writers, politicians, and even a couple presidents.

Anyway… the legend goes like this:

On one particular evening, a customer (who may or may not have been famous railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt) came in to order some delicious food.

The guy ordered the resort’s best known dish… French fries.

But not the french fries you’re thinking of, no no.

Instead of rectangles, these were just potatoes cut into little round slices.

(This was a fancy dish at the time lol)

So, anyway, chef Crum whipped this up in the kitchen and presented it to the customer.

So chef Crum rushed back to the kitchen and whipped up a new batch of french fries.

This time, quite a bit thinner.

So Crum went back to the kitchen and began slicing the fries SUPER thin.

Then he let them fry in oil until they turned crispy and brown.

And finally, he absolutely covered them in salt in order to teach this customer guy a lesson.

Word quickly spread through Moon's Lake House about this new potato creation, and soon everyone was clamoring for these thin, crispy fries, dubbed "Saratoga Chips".

And soon the idea of potato chips skyrocketed in popularity… all thanks to one very picky customer.

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