The Invention of Smart Nonsense 🌈

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Morning Media Moguls!

Something exciting today.

Something ~fresh~

Something…dare I say…awe inspiring??

We wanna take a minute this morning to reminisce on where we’ve been, where we’re going, and how far we’ve come together.

See, before Smart Nonsense exited our birthing hips and found its way into your email inbox, we were sleeping on a floor together after college.

We committed to making YouTube videos our entire life:

The only problem?

Ya, we were broke as sh*t.

But luckily for us, it was the COVID pandemic.

So Uncle Sam was giving out free money to anyone with a pulse.

And because we were broke and nobody was allowed to work together in-person, we started looking for our video editing team overseas.

It turns out, these were the best video editors in the world.


And nobody knew it.

So we took the $2,470/mo we were receiving in unemployment checks, set aside the bare minimum for food, and invested every last cent into building an overseas content-editing-battalion:

And to our surprise…!

Okay, damn.

This is going to take 10 years…

And now the Pandemic’s over, so no more free Government cash.

Think, we did.

We took everything we learned about finding, training, and screening our overseas video editing team.

And spun up – a staffing agency that helps creators, agencies, and startups hire overseas video editors to save tons of money too.

Our editors made…

Videos for the My First Million Podcast:

Clips for the All-In guys:

A Netflix special for Hasan Minhaj:

Animations for Naval Ravikant:

Book quotes for Will Smith:

Product launches for Jimmy Fallon:

YouTube Shorts for Ali Abdaal:

Lessons on life for Tim Ferriss:

But then there was an intervention…

Great point, Alex.

In creating for other people, we had forgotten about our own content.

We weren’t practicing all the things we preached.

So we did that…

We got 1 billion views in 1 year, launched Smart Nonsense, and became friends with Durd!

But is our content engine.

It’s what keeps us alive and how we’re able to produce so much free content for you to binge.

Ladies and gentleman…

Boys and girls…

We’re finally opening the floodgates to you.

It’s your turn to create with us.

At we’re giving you everything we’ve learned from:

  • 10 years of editing
  • 4 years of hiring
  • 3,000+ applicants screened
  • 100+ editors trained

If you’re a company or a content creator, we want to help you build your content machine.


By hooking you up with:

  1. Amazing full-time video editors (vetted, trained, and used by us)
  2. Content strategy from us (what our big companies and celebs use)


We have a special offer for you early bird durds ✨

(Don’t tell anyone else, this is just for Smart Nonsense subscribers)

Here it is:

  • First 10 customers → 1 FREE month of editing + 1 FREE hour call with Henry/Dylan ($5,000 value)
  • Next 10 customers → $1,000 off your first month of editing
  • Next 10 customers → $500 off your first month of editing

If you’re interested, just click the link below 👇

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