The Invention of Duck Tape 🦆

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Morning Duckie!

Hang on.

You know the saying ‘like water off a duck’s back?


It’s like you’re just gonna roll with the punches.

You can ignore something negative.

Criticism doesn’t hurt you.

Okay, now check this out:


Get outta here!

F*cking unbelievable.

Anyway, this is also where Duck Tape comes from.

It was invented to save American troops during WWII.

And, as the name suggests, its duck backing is…waterproof..

Let’s get into it.


The front lines.


See, their ammunition boxes were taped shut like crazy then sealed with wax to keep them waterproof.

They were way too hard for soldiers to open.

So this US ammo factory chick, Vesta Stoudt is like:

What you got, Vesta?

Hey, that’s pretty good!

That’ll get rid of that hard-to-open-ammunition-box problem!

What’s that in your hand, Vesta?


The President at the time, FDR, loved Vesta’s new invention!

So he gets Johnson & Johnson to manufacture the duck tape for wartime.

Look at this:


You could duck tape bombs in place.

Or holes in your tent.

Or a star on an airplane.

So cool.

So why do we call duck tape, duct tape today?

Well, after WWII, Johnson & Johnson had a ton of the stuff leftover.

So it ended up in hardware stores.

And because of its easy-to-tear-ness, durability, and waterproof backing, construction workers started to use the tape to seal ducts in people’s houses.

Also very cool.

Stay Cute,
Henry & Dylan 🌈

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