The Law Of Urination 🚽

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Morning Urinators!

I have just stumbled upon a very strange law of nature to do with pee.

Imagine this:

A cat, a dog, a human, a bison, and an elephant are at a urinal.

Now this might sound like the start of some bad joke, but stick with me.

These animals all start to pee at the exact same time.


Somehow, they all finish at the exact same time…

See, for some reason, almost every mammal takes the same amount of time to pee.

About 21 seconds…

Researchers have dubbed this: The Law Of Urination

Now, you might expect a smaller animal to pee faster than a bigger animal, since a bigger animal would have to drink more, they would have much more pee.

But if you look at mammal pee speeds, you can see they are all about 21 seconds regardless of their bladder size.

So what's going on here?

Well, the key is this:

Bigger animals have bigger urethras (pee tubes)

Meaning more gravitational force drives out urine at a higher rate.

Let's explain it this way:

A couple of centuries ago, this smart guy called Blaize Pascal discovered something fascinating.

He found that simply by pouring water down a really tall tube, it creates a MASSIVE amount of pressure due to gravity.

Meaning the water comes out really really quickly.

This is basically what's happening in mammals.

The bigger the animal, the bigger and the longer the urethra.

Imagine 2 balloons filled with pee, one is big, and one is small.

(One for an elephant and one for a dog)

Now coming out from these balloons are some straws.

The elephant has a super long and wide straw. And the dog a short and this straw.

Now when you squeeze the balloons, (like bladder muscles would squeeze a bladder) the pee starts to flow out.

You would think the dog would pee much faster than the elephant because the dog has barely any pee.

But because the elephant's urethra is so long and high up, gravity pulls it out much faster than the dogs.

And it all balances out.

So they both take about 21 seconds to empty!

Stay Cute,
Reece, Henry & Dylan 🌈

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