The Man Who Stopped WWIII ☭

Henry Belcaster
Henry Belcaster
3 min read

Morning Vasili!

Oooo cool uniform.

Where’s it from?

Oh. That’s cool.

Okay haha.

One sec.

Gotta check Wikipedia.

Right now, Jimmy Wales?

F*cking hell.

Well Vasili’s telling the truth.

So, we’ll give him the spotlight.

It was 1962. Cold War.

No no lol

Cold War.

As in the US was in a war with the USSR, but nobody was actually fighting.

See, both sides were just scaring the other with their nuclear arsenal.

And both had enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world.

Which is why this Soviet submarine was hiding off the coast of Cuba with their nuclear torpedos…

Okay, we can see exactly what happened.

But the soviets in their submarine literally thought nuclear war had broken out on land.

They were ready to burn it all down underwater too.

Now, in order to launch their nuclear torpedo, the 3 soviet dudes aboard each had to approve.

The captain:

The political officer:

And the commander, Vasili:

He was right.

They didn’t fire.

World saved.

Stay Cute,
Henry & Dylan 🌈

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