How Do 3D Glasses Work? 🍿

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Morning Cinema Goers!

Let me just start by saying that 3D movies… are awesome.

Unless you have that thing where the 3D effect makes you feel super nauseous, 3D movies create this super immersive atmosphere.

Images fill the space between the viewer and the screen.

Creating an experience that feels so REAL.

But, how do 3D glasses actually work?

First you gotta understand how we see things normally.

Unless you’ve had some sort of accident, you probably have 2 eyes.

This is called a binocular vision system.

Each eye takes in a 2-dimensional image, meaning just a flat picture.

Then your brain then combines these two flat images together to create 1 image.

An image with depth.

This is because your eyes are a little apart, so each eye views whatever they are looking at from a very slightly different angle.

3D glasses work in a similar way.

Take a regular old school style pair of 3D glasses.

One side has a red lens, the other a blue lens. (technically cyan but don't worry about it)

Now, when you go to see a movie in 3D the cinema will have 2 versions of the movie projected at slightly different angles onto the screen.

One in red and one in blue.

Here’s the trick…

The red lens can only take in the red version of the movie.

And the blue lens only picks up the blue version of the movie.

So when wearing the 3D glasses, each eye sees only one of the versions shown on screen.

Then your brain takes this information and combines those 2 versions together to create one 3-Dimensional picture.

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