What’s Inside a Beehive? 🐝

Henry Belcaster
Henry Belcaster
3 min read

Morning Busy Bee!

Wait, where are you going!



The bee goes to the hive.

Not vice versa.

Say, what’s inside that thing anyway??

Put it down.

So bees first appeared on Earth 130 MILLION years ago.

These guys outlived the dinosaurs.

That’s just bad*ss.

But when it comes to their hive, we first meet a bunch of guard bees hanging out like bouncers at a bar.

But because we’re a hot chick (and are from the hive), we get in.

No literally, a beehive is 99% female.

The male bees are drone bees. Nobody really likes them. And they just mate with the queen bee and die.

Anyway, once inside the hive we find dozens of honeycombs - densely packed, hexagonal cells made of beeswax:

This is where bees store food and raise eggs into larva.

Now, where’s the–

Ahhh, yes! The queen!

She’s who all these worker bees are working for.

And those male drone bees are hankering for.

This queenie gives birth to every single bee in the colony – laying 1 egg every 20 seconds.

Then…she dies.

And a new queen hatches in the hive 8 days later!

Stay Cute,
Henry & Dylan 🌈

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