Colombia's Massive Hippo Problem 🦛

Henry Belcaster
Henry Belcaster
3 min read

Morning Hungry Hungry Hippos!

Colombia has a massive problem.

A massive Hippo problem.

Hippo’s are supposed to exist here…

Not here.

So… What the hell are they doing in Colombia?

Enter: Pablo Escobar.

Colombian drug lord.

Worth like $30 Billion.

The guy had an entire drug empire.

And with all this drug money, he decided to build his own private zoo.

Because why not?

He imported Giraffes, Camels, Zebras, Monkeys, an Elephant, and 4 big ass Hippos…

So, when Pablo was finally killed and the Government seized all his stuff, they went and redistributed all of his zoo animals to other zoos.

But for some reason, not the Hippos.

Here’s what happened next:

Ya… Turns out, Colombia’s wet, humid climate is kinda like Hippo heaven.

They breed like crazy, doubling every 7 years or so.

There’s now like 200 of them.

See, in Africa there's usually droughts, which keeps the Hippo populations under control.

But Colombia doesn’t have droughts…

Colombia looks like this all year round:

Perfect Hippo country.

There’s also:

-No natural predators.

-No competition.

-Abundance of food everywhere.

They also love to wander about the place with some wandering up to 100 miles out.

Colombia is literally being invaded from the inside by… Hippos lol.

To understand why this is kinda not good, you gotta understand what a Hippo actually is:


Good luck Colombia!

Stay Cute,
Reece, Henry & Dylan 🌈

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