🏀 How Michael Jordan Made His Billions

Henry Belcaster
Henry Belcaster
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Morning Baller!

Don’t you just wanna be like Mike?

No, not that Mike. This Mike:


Yes! Michael Jordan.

What’s not to wanna be like?

  • Most NBA championships won by any player
  • Most MVP awards won by any player
  • Billionaire

Now – I won’t speak for you – but 2 out of those 3 things I can’t become no matter how hard I try. I’m 5’9”, 20% body fat, and play the piano.

But the last thing! I'm only $1,000,015,518 away.

So how does Michael Jordan become the first billionaire athlete?

It starts in 1984, when Michael Jordan gets drafted #1–

Oops, sorry. Hakeem Olajuwon was drafted first overall that year.

Then Michae–

Jesus. Okay, then Michael Jordan?

If it were the olympics, that would have looked something like this:


Except it was only a bummer for the Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers. Jordan goes total GOAT status that year winning ‘Rookie of the Year.’


Then he spends the next 13 seasons with the Bulls, winning 6 championships and the MVP all 6 times. Oh and one of those championships games he scored 38 points – with the flu and a 103℉ fever.

Suck it, soccer sissies.

Okay, so his money..

In those 13 seasons he spent with the Bulls, he only made $90 MILLION dollars in salary.

But when you’re #1 in the world and winning championships with influenza, you’re bound to get offers for a sponsorship deal…or 3..

Jordan famously had offers from Adidas, Nike, and Converse but didn’t know which to take. So he turned to his Mom:



And the deal was done.

$500,000/yr for 5 years so long as Jordan endorsed Nike shoes.

PLUS Nike would make that endorsement easy by giving Jordan his own shoe line and 5% of sales. That’s how we got these beauties:

With Nike now controlling 90% of the basketball shoe market, this deal still makes Michael Jordan hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

‘But Smart Nonsense, surely hundreds of millions of dollars does not equal a billion dollars’

Gonna use my full name, huh. Yes. Fine.

Well I’m no Wall Street quant, but Mike’s portfolio looks something like this:

Notice how almost all of his wealth came from things outside his NBA salary.

That’s GOAT status.

Now I’ll brb. I’ve got $1,000,015,518 I need to go make ASAP.

Stay Cute,
Henry & Dylan 🌈

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