How to Survive Quicksand 🤠

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Morning Adventurer!

In the movies, quicksand might seem incredibly scary.

You know, the whole swallowed alive by quicksand thing…

Well, turns out quicksand isn't even that bad.

I mean, technically you can die in it, but you gotta be pretty dumb.

See, quicksand is basically just a bunch of clay, sand, and water all mixed up together.

You will most likely find it at the beach, by rivers or in a marshy swampland.

So let's say you fall into some quicksand…

Oh yeah, that's right, almost all quicksand is just a couple of feet deep.

Ok, let's say you fall into some quicksand (this time it's somehow infinitely deep)

So what do you do?

Do you start going crazy, thrashing about and trying your hardest to pull your legs free?

No, don't do that.

Not only would this sink you in a little further, it would also be nearly impossible to just pull your leg out.

Because sand, clay and water weigh so much, it would require the same force to pull your leg out of quicksand as it would to lift up a whole ass Toyota Corolla.

Oh yeah, and don’t get your friends to tie a rope around you and pull you out with a car.

This would just rip you in half.

What you wanna do is gently wiggle your legs a bit.

This allows water to seep into this little space around your legs.

Which reduces the thickness and stickiness of the quicksand around your leg.

And eventually, you should be able to gently pull your legs free.

And once you’ve done that you going to wanna lay back on the quicksand like so:

This increases your surface area across the quicksand, making it much easier to float atop it.

Then, all you wanna do now is just roll over…

And gently paddle your way to safety.

And finally… go home, and never return.

Stay Cute,
Reece, Henry & Dylan 🌈

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